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Victimized by Richard Thomas

“‘Victimized’ is one of the best pieces of bad-ass, hard-core apocalyptic noir I’ve read in a while.” –Scott Phillips, author of THE ICE HARVEST

“Put your dukes up, readers, because Thomas is gunning for the KO with this brutal little ass-kick of a story.” –Craig Davidson, author of SARAH COURT

“As tough, ass-kicking and twisted as fiction gets. Imagine a Dear John letter that Hitler might have written to Lucifer right before he blew his brains out. Then crank things up ten notches.” –Donald Ray Pollock, author of KNOCKEMSTIFF

“A horrifying vision…strong and energetic prose hot enough to blow a power plant. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t for everyone, but the best work never is.”


He really goes into darkness and takes you into the corners of a tainted heart. Into the psyche of a victim. He has created a place where crime and punishment and the whole prison system is changed. This could be the future the CITIZENS justice system.
Sweet bloody retribution.
Are you ready for it?
Is it what we want? would it be a solution to crime?
Fight Club on meth with the guilty in one corner and the innocent in the other.
It’s dark and grim this story, with some nice payoff of revenge. The writer has made it visceral and an experience you will remember with memorable characters.
Short but written in a style of his own no word wasted. He has really left you with a lot to look forward to in his novels.

This poem i have written is from view of the main protagonist to sum this story.

“A victim we would all hate to be,
But it’s a stark fact of my reality.
Tonight’s the night for me,
for in the arena I will be,
where vengeance will be for me,
A kin of mine could not keep his hands to himself
But tonight he shall taste his bloody self.
A caged bird I shall no longer be
Once more I shall sing and be free
For freedom shall be claimed for me.”

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