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Tideline by Penny Hancock

A woman who is struggling to go forward in life due to events of the past haunting her consciousness and those memories are also vague and will slowly become a realization.
She starts a fixation and obsession with one man a teenager, with an objective to rekindle a long gone love and very soon her actions will come to fruition sooner than expected. The story takes you through her behavior and thoughts and bonds you with the question what will she do next? That expectation on the forthcoming motion of things keeps you immersed into the story which would be finished in no time at all. The story flows well, no grand story telling or eloquent prose used, but it is a suspenseful psychological tale. The story shifts to memories of what had taken place with her love of the past. There is a twist also in the tale that wraps up the story neatly to the real root of her state of mind.
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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 26 January 2012

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