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Through a Glass Darkly by Bill Hussey

A chilling read, in some chapters you are taken back into the past into the beginning of a village Crow Haven, it seems to be damned by some curse or evil spirits from its first creation. The main protagonist Jack discovers this reading through a diary and book named Transfiguration of souls. Bill Hussey’s debut is a work of startling imagination. With a haunting narrative voice and vivid imagery, Hussey paints a melancholic, yet beautiful tapestry that readers won’t forget he writes with a literary sensibility that elevates horror to an art form. Indeed, this is much more than horror it’s an epic tale of good versus evil, sacrifice, and the enduring goodness of the human soul, despite its flaws.
Inspector Jack Trent lives alone. While many struggle with their “demons”, Jack has real demons in his head. They show him things. Make him dream. Lead him to astounding leaps of logic that make him a legendary police investigator. They also show him potential outcomes, visions of the future.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 23 July 2011

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