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Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman

Francis Nichols inherits a house and its possessions from his departed Aunt from a town called Whitbrow. But this comes with a stark warning from her to sell the property and keep the money and not to live there. She warned him that bad blood lies in that dwelling and the place will smell out what’s in you and claim you for it’s own.
Something insidious is gathering attention from across the river. One by one people go missing and turn up dead. This story is a good old chiller of an intriguing tale of something in the woods mysterious. There is going to be some hunting as the towns folk try to stand their ground instead of running. Once I passed halfway of this story I was totally gripped and it became a real page-turning story, I really did not expect it to be that kind of horror was really enjoyable ride. The main protagonist and his partner should have never came to this town as his Aunt advised, 4as the town’s future looks bleak. They are about to reap the bad seeds they have sowed as the produce show their faces.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 21 July 2011

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