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The Son by Philipp Meyer



A tale of a few narratives from the McCullough family involving different locals, nations, tribes, and people. They rise and fall being born into blood and violence and leaving this world with blood and violence.
A vicious cycle in the america west, men with a need for survival, a thirst for power and a sickness for taking what is not theirs, and so the cycle comes round again and catches them in the tail, unending.
The voice of Eli McCullough was the most potent narrative told in this tale, in the first person he tells of his youth, of his kin slain, of scalping and the Comanche ways of living, also his day on his first raid, and his days of becoming a man, his time with Single Bird and also his love for Prairie Flower.
You are placed along with his witnessing of the violence against his kin and then the violence against his band, he finds himself taken up in his first part of this story as a son of the enemy, he lived and breathed like them, loved them and then he found himself latter in the tale a son to his own people.
The death cycles through this story from one end to the other, like Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy a history of violence and war by men is played out before you in the wilderness, the author captivated me in a cinematic style.
Of the various narratives in this tale Eli McCullough stands out the most and one that i read with great interest, i went back and read just Eli’s narrative in one straight fashion and found that just his story alone would have been adequate enough and found i loved it the most, equally the audiobook narrated by Will Patton was excellent.
The author has done a great job in his writing, in forging, carving, and painting a vivid and memorable sense of place, time, and characters in my mind.