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The Silent Land by Graham Joyce

Engrossing story that starts with a married couple caught up in an avalanche. From the cover and title you get the impression this is a post apocalyptic story, there are similarities in the sense that they are the only ones who seem to survive the incident in the whole village. All the holiday reps and tourists gone but everything seems eerie and strange. One strange occurance is that there is an abundant supply of food in the stores and the meat does not go off. They try to ski and find help from outside the area but find themselves travelling in circles like they are in some sort of prison. With all loads of shops stocking all you desire and free to take within reach what else is there to do except enjoy your stay and drink and love. It turns out to be a period of time that they enjoy but soon the cracks show and things fall from their reach. The only contact they make is with a French man who calls her mobile and just gets to say a few words and then the mobile cuts off. Slowly as her mobile battery dies down chances of reaching help seem to become even more thin. The whole driving questions of the story is how will it end? what will happen to them?
Things are not what they seem and there are some greater forces are at work in this story. This is a very well plotted story of love and destiny. My first read from this author which is an impressive example of story telling. With a story consisting of only a few characters the writer has done well in crafting a memorable story.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 10 August 2011

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