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The Pandora Room by Christopher Golden

When what appears to be the original Pandora’s Box is discovered in an ancient city, neighboring countries fight for ownership and unleash a terrible plague.

The Pandora Room is New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden’s chilling exploration of what happens when the original Pandora’s Box is discovered in an ancient subterranean city, stirring international conflict and exposing the archaeological team to curses, whispers, and the terror of a legendary plague.

In one ancient variation on the myth of Pandora’s Box, there were two jars, one for Pandora and one for her sister, Anesidora. One contained all the blessings of the gods, the other all the world’s curses. Now, in a subterranean city in Northern Iraq, archaeologist Sophie Durand has discovered a secret chamber covered in writing that confirms that version of the tale—a chamber which contains a single jar. “Weird shit” expert Ben Walker joins Sophie’s team just as the mystery deepens and grows ugly. Those who believe the myth want to know which jar has been found in the Pandora Room, the one containing blessings, or the one full of curses. Governments rush to lay claim, but jihadi forces aren’t waiting for the dust to settle. Whatever the jar contains, they want it, no matter who they have to kill…or what will emerge when they open it. For Sophie, Walker, and the others, the Pandora Room may soon become their tomb.

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Praise for The Pandora Room:

The Pandora Room is a marvelous collision of adrenaline-fueled plotting and graceful writing. Christopher Golden knows how to tell a story, and he knows how to work the reader’s emotions. This hybrid of high adventure, supernatural thrills, and all-too-plausible chills is a wonderful, wild ride.”
-Michael Koryta, New York Times Bestselling author of How It Happenedand If She Wakes

“Award-winner Christopher Golden’s latest razor-edged thriller The Pandora Room is sure to garner a slew of new trophies. The opening grabbed me by the throat and continued to strangle ever tighter as tensions climbed page by page to the explosive conclusion. Here is a master storyteller at his finest. Brilliantly told, arcanely crafted, with an ending that chills the marrow of your bones.”
-James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Demon Crown

“Christopher Golden knows how to thrill. The Pandora Room is such a spooky adventure. Political intrigue and mythic threats mingle to make a story that plays with your sense of reality. On top of that, it’s also just a lot of fun!”
-Victor LaValle, author of The Changeling

“A haunting look at what happens when a legendary myth crashes into our stark reality, Christopher Golden’s THE PANDORA ROOM has it all ? a chilling premise, taut pacing and a compelling protagonist in the complex and heroic Sophie Durand. A globetrotting supernatural thriller that also feels deeply personal at the same time, Golden’s sharp and powerful prose will keep readers glued to this book. You’re in for a wild ride.”
-Alex Segura, acclaimed author of Blackout and Dangerous Ends

“I was completely swept away by this book. Christopher Golden takes us deep underground in an edge of your seat thriller steeped in mythology, international turmoil, and terror. Want to catch a glimpse of what true evil looks like? Brace yourself and enter The Pandora Room.”
-Jennifer McMahon, New York Times bestselling author of The Winter People and Promise Not to Tell

“Solid prose and well-developed characters…Preston and Child fans will clamor for more of Walker.”
Publishers Weekly


Mysteries of the ancient and the modern, women and men dealing with myths, good versus evil, dead bodies piling, terror arriving in many forms.
Location Amadiya, a city of less than 5 thousand, an unstable region of the world, with a gathering of people in search of some things to be deciphered.
There will be archaeologists, researchers, and teachers a project financed by the European Union, the Alliance, doctors, Dr. Ben Walker, Ms. Kim, Dr. Tang, Sophie Durand, and Lamar Curtis and Professor Beyza Solak.
A box with secrets, myths to decode, whilst all things going berserk above ground, will there be some containment and preservation of life, key aspects hooking you to the final page.
Amongst secret rooms, near altars, within a subterranean city of old secrets buried, myths, awaiting the reader an intriguing and mysterious tale, in another land, in another dimension, amongst another entity of terror, with an Indiana Joan and crew in the pandora room.