The Hungry by Steven W. Booth Harry Shannon

The Hungry by Steven W. Booth, Harry Shannon

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One strikingly hot lady in a white wedding dress and a shotgun to hand, a band of rednecks and bikers, the army and a mutated virus and oh the undead is the recipe for this fun fully loaded brain entrails explosion of a high octane charged zombie story.
The lady in the white wedding dress on the book cover is the best hope for humanity enough said enjoy and savor.
The story has some real good characters that shine and make it an interesting read I love the gal in the white dress she kicks ass and frequently says “…k duck” lovely, if you ever happen to come across her and decide to hitch up together don’t take her home to meet the parents. I would love to see her in the movie ‘Meet the Zombies’ starring de Niro and her as his new daughter-in-law.

“The cruiser hit the first zombie, a soccer mom in a t-shirt and skirt. She flew wide of the speeding car, pin wheeled through the air and knocked over several other zombies. They fell like a formation of undead bowling pins. A nun slammed face first into the hood and flew over the roof of the cruiser. A little boy in a baseball uniform made Miller cringe. After that, it became difficult to sort out what happened. The car crashed through rows and rows of the creatures in slow motion, sort of like a plane flying through a flock of birds, only everything was a lot louder than that… and much bigger stuff than bird and bug guts got all over their windshield. Things Miller didn’t choose to identify.”

(From left to right: Steven W. Booth, Gillian Shure, Harry Shannon)

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 27 October 2011

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