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The Guardener’s Tale by Bruce Boston

Richard Thorne is the Citizen of a highly technological future City State. Sol Thatcher is a Guardener, a seasoned member of the psych police, trained to track down aberrants who present a danger to the State and recondition them as stable productive citizens. When Richard Thorne becomes involved with not one, but two slum dwellers, a compulsive gambler and an uncommon prostitute, his descent into aberrance begins, leading to the ultimate crime, the murder of a high government official.
Sol Thatcher will know it all. He will examine the case of Richard Thorne backward and forward, but it will make no sense to him. Even his most sophisticated tools, including the mind probe of the cyberscan, will leave him baffled. Richard Thorene is that rarest of occurences, the incuarble abberant, and Sol Thatcher must be deal with him accordingly.
“A gripping dystopia wickedly extrapolated from our present. Boston brings to bear his narrative genius on this noir tale of a love triange in a society gone mad, probing the way technology and science alter our reality. Transcending genre, “The Guardener’s Tale” combines suspense and breathtaking plot twists with macabre humor. Involving, compelling, a masterwork.” – Mary Turzillo, author of “An Old-Fashioned Martian Girl”

My Review

An original creative dystopian tale reminiscent of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Finally available as ebook a Bram Stoker Award Nominee that used to be hard for me to find in paper-form. I am overjoyed at the entertainment it has provided. A thought provoking almost philosophical story from an underrated writer.

"They’ll empty out your mind. Wash it clean. Every thought. Every action. Every stitch of it! And then they’ll put it back together the way they think it should be!"

In a time where Whiskey is seen as an ancient potent alcoholic beverage illegal and drugs illegal and a crime whoever so consumes or possess. Novels were declared a negative freedom banned by The City State more than fifty years ago. A time where romantic love is extinct. Possession of personal computer terminals banned by the city state since it’s inception.

There are a people classed as incurables, they are people who cannot be cured of their aberrance and who the city state see as a threat, non-citizens.

Tuesday’s the day the citizens "Guardeners" are allowed an evening of person freedom and expression, music and perverse activities. One Tuesday sets a man on course on a path of freeing himself from the brainwashing and discovers from this a need of love, to be loved, a need for unrestricted freedom. This is a day that will change his future forever! He will meet new people and enjoy that which is classed as a crime. Is this the key to his freedom and salvation? Is he prepared for this overload of self realisation?

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