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The Dispatcher by Ryan David Jahn

Seven years and counting your cherished daughter, has been gone. You buried an empty casket, you need closure, you need to put her body to rest.
It must be unimaginable the grief, memories and the sorrow that you have to deal with on a daily basis. The vengeance and the anger must be an unrelenting force. Still you keep your job answering calls as a dispatcher, calls of others in need, calls of emergencies. Meanwhile your life fragments and disappears slowly before you.
What can our main protagonist do? He’s lost his wife to the aftermath of his daughters disappearance. What he doesn’t do is give up hope.
Hope that one day a call comes through and at the end of the line news of his daughters discovery comes to light.

She is 14 now and has been treated nothing less than an animal. Kept in a basement chained and feed. A sociopathic couple have her. She hopes one day her cop dad will save her. She has hope.

The villain is killing, he has been since he lost his young child. He’s been snatching replacement kids and killing those that don’t fit their needs. You really hope that the girl in in this story sees the light of day and one day be in her fathers arms in safety.

One day that saving grace comes, a call comes through its her it’s her voce she is alive!
Thoughts and emotions racing through the father he must take action and move fast. He’s feeling Vengeance and happiness and by any means necessary she must be found.

What unfolds is a story of desperate measures. Someone who was once a law abiding citizen a man of the law and lived by the law is forced to break them and get his daughter back.

The author does well in gluing you to the pages with the ensuing events. It all plays out well in your minds thought imagery a cinematic explosive search and survival down to a grand finale. You won’t be disappointed the story delivers one hell of a feel good payoff. The story was in a simple flowing fashion unfolding with tension and as time runs out it hooks you, a visceral tale with expectations of vengeance and glory.
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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 03 February 2012

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