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The Devil by Name by Keith Rosson





About The Devil by Name


No one expected the apocalypse would be broadcast via phone call. But in this chilling sequel to Fever House, anyone who managed to survive that doomsday call has a harrowing answer to the question, “Where were you when the Message came through?”

Five years after the event that drove most of the global population to madness, the world is overrun with the “fevered”—once-human, zombielike creatures drawn indiscriminately to violence and murder. In a campaign to restabilize the country, the massive corporation known as Terradyne Industries has merged with the U.S. government in a partnership of dubious motives, quarantining major American cities behind towering walls and corralling the afflicted there with the hope, they say, of developing a vaccine.

In Portland, where it all began, guilt-ridden detective John Bonner scours the city’s darkest corners for clues to humanity’s redemption. In New England, Katherine Moriarty mourns the devastating losses of her husband and son while in hiding from Terradyne. And across the ocean in France, a sixteen-year-old girl named Naomi Laurent discovers she has a disturbing and powerful gift—which may just be the key to the world’s salvation.

Equal parts gruesome and beautiful, The Devil by Name is a heart-stopping, breakneck saga of survival. As its characters’ paths inevitably collide across the ravaged landscape of a post-apocalyptic America, they are united by the desire to not just escape death but to carve out some way to live anew.

Everything starts and ends in the fever house.



Praise For The Devil by Name


“The Devil by Name is exactly the face-shredding follow-up to Fever House you were hoping for. If you loved that first book, you’re gonna love this one, too. And if you didn’t . . . well, then you obviously haven’t read it yet.”
—Nat Cassidy, author of Nestlings and Mary: An Awakening of Terror

“The Devil by Name reads like The Clash jamming with the antichrist, beelzebub Blitzkrieg Bopping to the apocalypse—and here’s Keith Rosson masterminding it all, a punk rock prince of darkness remapping The Stand for our modern times.”
—Clay McLeod Chapman, author of What Kind of Mother and Ghost Eaters

“There are very few writers as consistently daring, imaginative, and unexpected as Rosson. I’m along for the ride wherever he’s driving.”
—Nick Cutter, author of The Troop and The Deep

“Brilliant, brutal, visceral, wildly addictive, shocking, sexy, devastating, TERRIFYING!, bonkers, and so rock and roll. Rosson remains the king of cool, and with this one, he’ll grab us by the hand, and the eye, and really scare us all to hell.”
—CJ Leede, author of Maeve Fly and American Rapture

“Infinitely, singularly memorable . . . Rosson creates dark, dark tales that explode with light.”
—Richard Price, author of Lush Life and Clockers

“With its rock and roll energy and grimy-yet-heartfelt humanity, The Devil by Name stands in the top tier of apocalyptic novels. Few books strike the balance of page-turning, heart-stirring, and pure gross-out horror, but this one does it with soul.”
—Wendy N. Wagner, author of Girl in the Creek and The Secret Skin

“This is an absolute skull-cracker of a novel, presenting what may be one of the most unique takes on the end of the world I’ve ever seen. It somehow manages to hit even harder than Fever House.”
—Chuck Wendig, author of Black River Orchard and The Book of Accidents





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About Keith Rosson

Keith Rosson is the author of the novels Fever House, Smoke City, Road Seven, and The Mercy of the Tide, as well as the Shirley Jackson Award–winning story collection Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his partner and their two children.


Photo: © Jen Swanson