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The Damned Highway Fear and Loathing in Arkham by N. Mamatas and Brian Keene

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A hilarious, shocking, terrifying thrill ride across the American landscape, The Damned Highway pays homage to the gonzo journalism of Hunter S. Thompson and the uncanny terrors of H. P. Lovecraft!

Horror legend Brian Keene (The Rising) and cult storytelling master Nick Mamatas (Move Under Ground) dredge up a tale of drug-fueled eldritch madness from the blackest depths of the American nightmare. On a freaked-out bus journey to Arkham, Massachusetts, and the 1972 presidential primary, evidence mounts that sinister forces are on the rise, led by the Cult of Cthulhu and its most prominent member–Richard M. Nixon!

* Brian Keene is a two-time Bram Stoker Award winner.

* Nick Mamatas has been nominated for Bram Stoker, International Horror Guild, World Fantasy, and Hugo Awards.

* If you’re a fan of Lovecraft Unbound you’ll love The Damned Highway!
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“Winter in Woody Creek, Colorado. It is just after midnight on january 5, 1972, and this is when the fun begins. They call this the wee hours, but there is nothing small about the hours between midnight and dawn. These hours last forever, each one as long and endless as the black gulf between the stars. As I pound the keys, the licking of the clock syncs with the world’s heartbeat, and the rapid-fire staccato of my typewriter slows. Each breath is an eternity.

These are not Wee hours; these hours are larger than life. They also call this the witching hour, and who knows? Perhaps they are right. All that I know for sure is that this is when I do my best work, under the cover of darkness. This is when I am strongest-when the whiskey and the mescaline and the pills course through my body, and my mind burns with a terrible righteousness and sense of indignation. This is alchemy. This is magic. When

the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, and I am certainly both. Ask anyone. They know. They’ll tell you that I am both weird and a pro. I am a professional writer and my role is that of the back-ground observer. I am a doctor of journalism, and there is nothing more professional than that. And the night? The night has never been weirder.”

My Review

These are the opening lines of some really good writing prose. The story is a strain of the bizarre side with some solid analysis of life and politics. A world of Nixon, Hoover and Lovecraft. The American Dream is dead and Richard Nixon presents the American Nightmare for the main protagonist a writer.

A series of hazards and madcap adventures. He voyages through lovecraftian places and characters. The story serves up an nice dose of reading involving occults, cults and fishlike lovecraft characters. The protagonist has an obsession with Nixon.

Arkham and Innsmouth here we come!

Innsmouth a town that feeds Dagon with human sacrifices. A town where subhuman fish people breed with local homecoming queens and mold and mildew are the interior decorator colours of choice. Eventually he descends via road trip to DC with his lawyer to speak to Edgar Hoover. When he meets he finds Hoover has devised a plan a wacky plan to swap brains with Nixon when the writer interviews him.

‘Even Reagan’ the writer remarks ‘are you utterly insane? I’ve heard gibberish on this latest road trio, but that beats all! Ronal Reagan? He can’t be president!

I wonder how he would react if he knew Arnie ‘i’ll be back’ became governor of L.A.

An American nightmare. A writer who switches pen names and who’s heart is filled with fear and loathing.

” The American Dream is dead. I know this because I proved it was dead two years ago when I ran for sheriff of Aspen on the Freak Power ticket. There is no American Dream anymore-no guiding principle for generations of our countrymen. In the end, the American Dream was left raped and bleeding and lying face down in an alley, drowning in its own vomit and urine. That was how it ended, but the American Dream didn`t die overnight. No, its death was slow and insidious, like a long, painful bout of intestinal cancer that starts out as just a little flatulence and terminates with you vomiting out your own bloody intestines through your mouth. There were a number of symptoms, but We didn’t spot them in time. The downfall of our last, true American hero, Muhammad Ali, mixed with the treacherous doings in our nation’s capital and the vacation paradise that is Vietnam and the savage anarchy of the Hells Angels and the riots and the sick depravity manifested in Las Vegas. All of this and more contributed to the death of the American Dream and gave birth to the American Nightmare.”

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 18 July 2011

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