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The Castle of Los Angeles by Lisa Morton

We have had before in the likes of the story The Shining things going wrong evil forces at play in the Hotel in this story you have terror and hauntings of a similar kind that occur in a Castle. This castle has a history dark and bleak it was once a place for the insane and also a temporary mortuary and has been used over time for various purposes, there have been deaths due to more than the natural causes since the land existed. Beth the main protagonist a theater director does the unhealthy action of moving into the Castle that comprises of Artists lofts and the theater. She wants to put on a new play, she writes and directs it and as the show hits it’s premiere things go wrong gradually. From the offset of her moving in there is a sense of dread and dark force at work the situation worsens to point of people dying. There is an artist who takes an interest in Beth for peculiar reasons to name a few she is trying to teach her about the Kabbalah but Beth has not time and is too busy getting the play ready. This was an enjoyable read and really keeps you in the expectation of an answer to what the hell is going on? There is no gore, this story returns to the traditional sense of an atmosphere of terror. One that won her a Bram Stoker award.

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