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Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon


“Publishers Weekly” Compelling….Long, Satisfying Look At Hell And Salvation.

“A wild ride into terror….A grand and disturbing adventure.”–Dean R. Koontz

“A chilling vision that keeps you turning pages to the shocking end.”–John Saul


An epic story, it made me reminisce of other epic stories with similar good versus evil characters, like those of Lord of the Rings and the Dark Tower series.
The Black Frankenstein, is what he used to be called in his wrestling days, known as Josh and the Bag lady known as Sister creep are two memorable characters that are courageous with plenty of heart. They really made the story that much more great, and obviously Swan a young girl who is a main character through the whole story. She can rightful be placed in the hall of fame of young gifted courageous girls like that of Matilda and the girl from the Firestarter by Stephen King(seen the movie not read yet).
The story starts of with a bang literally, two nations engage in a war and cross a point of no return, that results in mass destruction and annihilates most of the country into apocalyptic status.
In the post apocalypse setting a band of pilgrims, survivors of the destruction are put to the tests of their lives. They are set out on a journey, a few groups are to cross paths and their destinies intertwine together. Swan a girl that sees the kindness and beauty within all ugliness really gives the dispirited souls and destroyed hearts hope for a better and prosperous future. Will the world blossom again and plant life once more spurt out it richness and fill the stomachs of the starved?
There is a dark evil force still present, evil started the ball rolling and it won’t leave until every soul is wiped from the earth and the land totally destroyed. This evil does have many faces.
Good and evil cross paths many times in this story, war and death is still ever present after the great destruction as groups fight for control and power over land and food. There will be more blood, will there be peace?

Finally I completed this novel i was holding off this novel for a special time for some time, it is lengthy but every page worth it. I even listened to this simultaneously via audiobook so that’s twice I covered the story.
Even more of a great reason was my interview with this humble writer Robert McCammon.
Visit my webpage to read the interview during March 2012 >>>>

Visit the authors page on the link, he has all the different cover art for this novel from around the world.


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