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Raphael and Dirtmouth by Stephen Graham Jones


Something wicked this way comes with two terrifying stories that one may find a hard time undoing.


You may find visceral and haunting, with an undying love embedded and the scene unfolding with a tragedy in the mountains.
All the sensory input one would not want and want at the same time in a day on Halloween in this tale, “was Halloween when things can happen.”
Marion Graves a mother to “two little darlings” and a wife, dead and gone fourteen months now.
Fitting would be the repeating of the authors sentence in this tale, “Coloradans love a good survival story, and this one, it would be the best.”


Talk of rejects club and scare club, homecoming, ribbons, the lake, and a book either “Satan’s Bible or anarchist’s Cookbook” called a blue box serve up as ingredients for a Stephen Graham Jones terrifying tale.
Sixth graders, Twelve year olds with dark tales to tell by a lake with a book, truth and folly interlock and can never be undone what follows that night.

Raphael is one story from Stephen Graham Jones’s story collection The Ones That Got Away. I hope to review this collection separately as a whole at some point in future. 

This story was born and original published in Cemetery Dance #55 in 2006 and then went to The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2007: 20th Annual Collection edited by Kelly Link, Gavin Grant, and Ellen Datlow. The lasting home was in his 2010 short story collection The Ones That Got Away, and it appeared later again in Nightmare Magazine May 2015.

The Ones That Got Away Kindle Edition
by Stephen Graham Jones 


Dirtmouth can be found in Haunted Nights Anthology Edited by Ellen Daltow and Lisa Morton
I will be reading this collection and have whole review of it soon.

You can purchase from Amazon in U.S.A or U.K.(click the country to be taken to the purchase page)

Haunted Nights
edited by

Lisa Morton Editor and Ellen Datlow

Sixteen never-before-published chilling tales that explore every aspect of our darkest holiday, Halloween, co-edited by Ellen Datlow, one of the most successful and respected genre editors, and Lisa Morton, a leading authority on Halloween.

In addition to stories about scheming jack-o’-lanterns, vengeful ghosts, otherworldly changelings, disturbingly realistic haunted attractions, masks that cover terrifying faces, murderous urban legends, parties gone bad, cult Halloween movies, and trick or treating in the future, Haunted Nights also offers terrifying and mind-bending explorations of related holidays like All Souls’ Day, Dia de los Muertos, and Devil’s Night.

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