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IQ by Joe Ide

Praise for IQ:

IQ by Joe Ide :

Nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel

One of the Best Books of 2016 according to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and

[IQ] kicks off what is apt to be a madly lovable new detective series about this smart guy and the vibrantly drawn criminal culture that surrounds him . . . Ide packs a lot of action and scenery into the book’s investigation scenes. But he has also built and bolstered Isaiah as a fine, durable character (New York Times)

One of the most original thrillers of the year . . . [A] sometimes scary, often whimsical, off-the-wall delight . . . It’s a mad world that late-blooming Joe Ide has brought forth from his past, a spicy mix of urban horror, youthful striving and show-business absurdity. His IQ is an original and welcome creation (Washington Post)

Wonderfully quirky . . . Exhilarating language and [an] oddball cast . . . A total laff-riot (New York Times Book Review)

A crackling page-turner of a debut (Entertainment Weekly)

Joe Ide introduces one of the coolest investigators working the mean streets of Los Angeles . . . Ide emulates Walter Mosley, that great chronicler of South Central Los Angeles via the Easy Rawlins novels. That’s some serious company with whom to be traveling (Chicago Tribune)

With its street poetics and truer-than-life characters, this beautifully spun first novel is gonna blow through the crime fiction world like a fire hose-blast of fresh air. Joe Ide has that rarest of writerly skills – a wholly unique voice, one that is at once irreverent and compelling, moving and incisive. IQ will become a reader favorite (Gregg Hurwitz, author of Orphan X)

Ide . . . dexterously juggles multiple styles and tones to create a seamless, utterly entertaining blend of coming-of-age saga, old-school detective story, and comic caper novel (Booklist Online)

Boasting a combustible cocktail of Bosch, Hiaasen and Conan Doyle, Joe Ide’s Sherlock home-boy is the detective you need in your life right now (Chris Brookmyre)

Joe Ide is the best new discovery I’ve come across in a long time. And Isaiah Quintabe is the kind of sleuth not seen on the mystery landscape before (Michael Connelly)

“In his debut novel, Ide, a Japanese-American who grew up in the same neighborhood as his mercurial characters, flashes agility with streetwise lingo, facility with local color, and empathy with even the most dissolute of his characters… the roughhousing energy, vivid language, and serrated wit Ide displays throughout this maiden effort make Isiah Quintabe seem a potential rejuvenator of a grand literary tradition. The present day, with its high-strung social media and emotional overload, could use a contemporary hero like Ide’s, more inclined to use his brain than his mouth (or fists) to vanquish evil and subdue dread.”( Kirkus)

“Ide successfully makes his detective’s brilliance plausible in this gripping and moving debut.” (Publishers Weekly)


I read of some references to Sherlock Holmes in the praises but there is more of Dickens also, who wrote about poverty and the rich, and pursuit of happiness.
There is a real potent voice created by the author Joe Ide, he has crafted a tale about the alternative American dream the other side of the fences tale, a tale of poetic justice in ways, in pursuit of happinesses and what people in the concrete jungle will do for it.
These characters within the pages are all about second chances, they come at your with right hooks not straight down barrel punches types the ones you can see so well, street smarts, witty dialogue he’s not your average detective sipping on alcohol he’s a expresso drinker.
A Sherlock Holmes tale could be in the theatres, on stage, this tale could be in the fight ring.
Isaiah would be Ali with his one liners and metaphors that has you laugh many a time in this tale and his opponent would be ideally Sonny Liston but in this tale its more like Primo Carnera except he’s on all fours in this tale commanded by a real bad one.
The main protagonist Isaiah Quintabe (I.Q) is a likeable and memorable character who keeps it real, a real deal detective, his life described right from his beginnings with his tumbles and falls to his making it right having a second chance as a detective with some poetic justice.
Joe Ide raised in South Central LA must have had plenty of material around him to incorporate upon the page and may have plenty to write giving his voice and works original and fresh to the detective genre.
His writing is like that of Joe Lansdale creator of duo Hap and Leonard and some Don Winslow.
The same sharp writing with potent prose, the same bang on dialogue and clear scenes, that has you being there in the thick of of it all, and the same social commentary.
Isaiah Quintabe is one that the reader will love to hear more of and thats not far off as another chapter in his life comes in Righteous an IQ novel in 10/17/17. I caught this one late but not too late so that i can have I.Q fresh in my mind to read the next book soon.