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Hoodoo Harry by Joe R. Lansdale

Known for his “zest for storytelling and a gimlet eye for detail,” multiple award–winning author Joe R. Lansdale brings his rapid-fire dialogue, no-holds-barred action, and gut-busting humor to this original Hap and Leonard novella (Entertainment Weekly)




Joe lansdale creates a small work here, a little puppy, business as usual with his master craftsmanship, always on point dialogue, sentences, lucid, lean and straight to the meat of the tale, injustices to be sorted with thee memorable duo Hap and Leonard. Honestly he could write ingredients on back of a product and make it sound interesting. The story may seem like a slightly mellow books on wheels kind of mystery, but don’t be deceived by it what lurks within is a tragedy and a real bullet to the heart for the duo. This small work he has condensed with quality, this tale may take some authors 300 pages to do the job he’s done, it’s a short one but what he’s done with it that is great and all for a couple of bucks or pounds or whatever currency you choose.

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