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The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter



“Karin Slaughter has — by far – the best name of all of us mystery novelists. More to the point, THE GOOD DAUGHTER is Karin Slaughter’s most ambitious, most emotional, and best novel. So far, anyway.” —James Patterson

“Simply the best book you’ll read all year. Raw, powerful and utterly gripping — yet written with a tenderness and empathy that will break your heart.” —Kathryn Stockett

“This is a great writer at the peak of her powers. Karin Slaughter is at her nail biting, heart stopping, emotionally draining best.” —Peter James

“The darkness of the past is very present in this utterly chilling thriller. With heart and skill Karin Slaughter keeps you hooked from the first page until the last.”
—#1 Worldwide Bestselling Thriller Writer, Camilla Lackberg

“It’s not hyperbolic to declare that Slaughter is a master of her craft.” —Booklist starred review

“If you like twists and turns, delve into this tale of cold cases and spellbinding suspense.” —Southern Living

“Slaughter keeps the twists coming. …” —Publishers Weekly

“Slaughter keeps the twists coming. …”—Kirkus starred review

“Book clubs that love taut thrillers: Look no further.”  —Bookish

“Seventeen years into one of the most impressive careers in contemporary publishing, Karin Slaughter is still pushing herself into new territory. [The Good Daughter] is the author’s most stylistically ambitious novel to date.”   —The Big Thrill

“It’s Slaughter’s prodigious gifts of characterization that make her stand out among thriller writers.”   —Washington Post

“Karin Slaughter once again proves her tremendous prowess at delivering a page-turning, tautly written thriller.”  —USA Today


In the grave.
Bullet in her head.
In the kitchen.
Bright white bone.
Pieces of heart and lung.”

She had to be the good daughter, after what happened to her and her older sister, she was the youngest, the one that ran and got away in the woods, the one who could take care of her father when it all fell apart. Let this not be an oversight what about the other daughter there are two good daughters one older, what of her fate and her tragedy.
Karin Slaughter opens with a slaughter, she hooks you in the narrative with a terrible tragedy and has the fates of the characters within this story right through.
There is another tragedy in North Georgia, a school shooting, the dead numbers not so high, the whys complex, why did the young shooter do it?
The balance of the tale was masterfully done always carrying the reader through with great need to know, the right intensity, the sentences delivering with great effectiveness and the tale creating empathy within the reader for the main characters, the daughters.
I am thinking here Flannery O’Connor small town characters in a James M Cain story with some how to get away with murder tv show.


Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 09 August 2017