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Glass Stories by Ivy Grimes



About Glass Stories

Glass Stories by Ivy Grimes is a collection of seventeen darkly weird and humorous tales that reflect the essence of Angela Carter, Shirley Jackson, Kelly Link, and Haruki Murakami’s storytelling. Grimes explores the spectral nature of glass in everyday objects, taking readers from purgatory to the Bible Belt, through narratives that shimmer with the uncanny and the absurd. An old woman invites two strangers into her glass tower, a woman gives birth under the glow of a glass gift from her late mother, a bookstore clerk’s mundane existence is shattered by a glass book, and a man untangles his mother’s fears through a glass oddity. From the menacing presence of a glass angel to a glass pet protector who eats light, each story is a pane that illuminates the characters’ deepest trials and whims. We witness a teen reinventing herself amidst glass coffins, two elderly brothers opening old wounds in a glass museum, a bride bedazzled by a glass apple given to her as a wedding present, an aggrieved daughter trapped atop a glass mountain by her father, and a captive woman who glimpses salvation through a mirror. The singular tales in Glass Stories entrance and delight.



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About Ivy Grimes

Ivy Grimes is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and she currently lives in Virginia. She has an MFA from the University of Alabama. Her stories have appeared in The Baffler, Vastarien, hex, Maudlin House, Cosmic Horror Monthly, Seize the Press, ergot., Potomac Review, and elsewhere. Her chapbook Grime Time is available from Tales From Between. Her novella Star Shapes is forthcoming from Spooky House Press in January 2024. Her collection Glass Stories is forthcoming from Grimscribe Press in late 2024.