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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


A great read highly recommended. The book is so much better than what the movie tries to communicate. Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who is a brilliant scientist with an obsession: tries to play God, by creating a living human being all by himself. But all does not go to plan when the creation turns out to be not quite what he wanted. Frankenstein is terrified and rejects his creation, here’s where the Gothic tale becomes a true literary work of art. What follows is the tragedy of a creature created by the arrogance and ambition of one man, an ugly yet fully human being. The monster is not good nor bad: he’s just plain human. What he needs is affection, love and understanding. His ugliness and clumsiness presents a problem as none is willing to approach him: he scares the hell out of everybody. First, he is sad; then, he is enraged. Here’s where the real monster is created: by the hatred and frivolity of other humans.
A true Gothic masterpiece, this novel is unforgettable for its message, its depth, and especially for its environment and mood. It is all dark, all cold, all terrifying and all moving. The true monsters are the others, not Frankenstein’s creature. But his wanderings around the world are wonderful horror literature. Don’t miss this great book written in one night by Mary Wollstonecraft, the young wife of poet Percy Shelley.





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