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Endurance (A Novel of Terror) by Jack Kilborn, J.A. Konrath

The usual suspect is a Nasty piece of sheriff, who used to be a bootlegger to boot before he came to the town.
Once you check into The Rusmore Inn Hotel you would notice the proprietor Eleanor Roosevelt has an obsession with American presidents.

“ That Eleanor Roosevelt has some issues. Hell she has a whole subscription.”
This story includes a house of horrors, a Charnel House of ill repute and torture, and a motley bunch of human crudeness and evil freaks.

The Rushmore Inn a homage to dead presidents amongst other things.

The Bates hotel and the Overlook hotel eat you heart out a new kid is on the block. Florence a mighty tough old lady who probably has a Black belt in some Martial art is a proud woman a mother and a grandmother her character shines in this story.

The three of them grandma, ma and daughter have won a free stay in the hotel, they are down their attending a competition. My motto is keep away from these free mailings that you don’t remember applying for THERE is ALWAYS a catch nothing is for free!

There is some bonding in this story between grandma and her daughter they need to reconnect their relationship in amongst all the fear, terror, survival and retribution. I suppose there are the theories that extreme situations and fears bring down barriers that old Stockholm syndrome.
Jack Kilborn has really done well in telling this story it flows well with memorable characters and some real page-turning thrill.
The worst scenario you could have is an amputee woman who does not have her prosthetic legs attached on stuck in a room with a blood hungry sadistic man who genetics seems to look like they have gone freakishly haywire coming at you. This story will stay with you check your lock twice tonight.

“Amelia. Porphyria. Acromia. Scoliosis. Alopecia. Thrombocytopenia.”

Ever heard of these names?
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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 21 July 2011

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