Deathwatch by Lisa Mannetti -

Deathwatch by Lisa Mannetti

DEATHWATCH, the explosive new novella collection from Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author Lisa Mannetti. In Dissolution, Stuart Granville is a would-be medical student from the South who’s been expelled for drinking and believes he’s heading north to Hyde Park, New York to tutor twin girls. Instead, he discovers that his charges, Abby and Eleanor, have never been to school of any kind. They are also Siamese twins and their father, a doctor with grandiose dreams, means to separate them surgically. He intends to take advantage of Stuart’s expertise and vulnerability; but unbeknown to both men, the supernatural force in the house has an agenda–and a will–of its own. In The Sheila Na Gig, Tom Smith is on a ship in steerage and bound for New York from his native Ireland after facing down the constraints imposed by his family, overcoming the loss of his first love, circumventing his grandmother’s wiles and occult knowledge, and trying to save his younger, mentally challenged sister, Delia, from both witchcraft and sexual abuse. In a genre glutted with soulless practitioners, grinding out “product” like sausages, Lisa Mannetti’s continues to be a refreshingly personal voice. Her work is idiosyncratic, erudite, intense … and authentically nightmarish. ~ Robert Dunbar, author of MARTYRS & MONSTERS and WILLY


The Horror Writers Association generally know a good novel the nominees and winners of Bram Stoker awards have nearly always proven to live up to their awards. Lisa Mannetti’s name has been up there in their awards and her work has been long overdue for a read, and oh boy can she write a chilling, shocking, eerie tale of horror. Think of those movies like Exorcist, The Shinning and Psycho and then you have the right feel of the story you will be reading in this story Dissolution. An Insidious presence will not let go of te stories characters until it’s task has been achieved. Their is some gore of the medical strain and some brutal behavior in a story that does not waste any words and grips right from the the beginning. This one is another shocker that would stay with you. It plants some haunting images in you’re mind long after you have finished. Why has her novels not been heard of much? Yet another underrated writer that’s not getting enough credit, for such a good horror tale. This one was nominated for a Bram Stoker award.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 04 August 2011

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