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Dark Property by Brian Evenson


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About Dark Property

A woman carries a dying baby across a desert waste, moving toward a fortress harboring a mysterious resurrection cult. Menaced by scavengers, she nevertheless begins to suspect that the reality within the fortress may be even more unsettling than the blasted environment outside. As she slips unobtrusively towards the city of the dead, she is pursued by a bounty hunter who cuts a bloody swath after her. On one level, Dark Property is an exploration of religious fanaticism. Although Evenson’s characters owe more to the Book of Mormon than the Koran, their frightening intensity will spark recognition in both reviewers and readers. This brooding tale is reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian and J. G. Ballard’s more disturbing works of fiction. “I admire Evenson’s writing and respect his courage.”- Andrew Vachss


Praise For Dark Property


[Evenson’s] short but heavy novel, Dark Property, could be read as a
kind of precursor to Cormac McCarthy’s own postapocalyptic novel,
The Road.
—Peter Markus, The Brooklyn Rail

. . . an extended crawl through a terrain of utter damnation. . . .
[H]ere McCarthy’s sprawling Western lyricism has been replaced
by a tight almost Beckettian absurdism, like Blood Meridian boiled
down to an oozy ichorous syrup. Evenson’s world is far stranger; if
McCarthy tilts occasionally into the surreal, Evenson is only really at
home there.
—Ben Ehrenreich, The Believer

Brian Evenson’s Dark Property evoked terror so well that I found one
of the opening sequences all but unreadable. . . . I could not read more
than a page at a time because of anticipating what could happen . . .
—Kathryn Hume, Aggressive Fictions

In Dark Property . . . readers enter a state of incomplete and uncertain
apprehension somewhat reminiscent of a young child’s.
—Scott Abbott, Open Letters Monthly



About Brian Evenson


Brian Evenson is the recipient of three O. Henry Prizes and has been a finalist for the Edgar Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the World Fantasy Award. He is also the winner of the International Horror Guild Award and the American Library Association’s award for Best Horror Novel, and his work has been named in Time Out New York’s top books.