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Cold in July by Joe R. Lansdale





About Cold In July


Richard Dane shoots and kills a gun-wielding burglar in his living room. It’s clearly a case of self-defense, but the dead man’s father, Ben Russel, doesn’t see it that way. Russel wants to extract Old Testament-style justice: an eye-for-an-eye, a son-for-a-son. Straightforward menace takes a 90-degree turn, though, when certain unexpected truths come to light, and soon Dane and Russel find themselves working together for a common cause. Their investigation puts them at odds with the cops, the Feds, and the Dixie Mafia, but they’re determined to find the answers that lie at the end of a very dark and twisting path.




An everyday man, a father thrown into circumstances he would had never fathomed and that make him just see the world with a different lens.
That interloper of his one July day changes things for many involved.
A story that involves fears of what a father might do wrong, had done wrong, and what he can do to make one bad a right.

His prose is lean and tight, dialogue and scenes have you in and running the the tale through his voice whipped in a well good sentence.
An author breathing amongst us the likes of the great authors James M Cain and Jim Thompson.
A pulp styled good tale but deeper without too much deepness in narrative just the right amount to be enjoyable wherever you restart reading the tale, right chapters sizes, right story length, all hallmarks of Lansdale’s skill as a storyteller.

Great to see the movie adaptation out there, and i hope more to come with books like that of his other great story The Bottoms.

This author has not been known enough of in some corners of the world,  a great mentor, a martial artist, a man of many skills, find out more and check out an interview i had with this author >>>