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Blackbirds (Miriam Black #1) by Chuck Wendig


“Visceral and often brutal, this tale vibrates with emotional rawness that helps to paint a bleak, unrelenting picture of life on the edge.” – Publishers Weekly

“A gleefully dark, twisted road trip for everyone who thought Fight Club was too warm and fuzzy. If you enjoy this book, you’re probably deeply wrong in the head. I loved it, and will be seeking professional help as soon as Chuck lets me out of his basement.”
– James Moran, “Severance”, “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” screenwriter

“Enchanting and drowned in blood, Blackbirds is a meaty piece of fiction, a non-stop mind-job where the first hit hurts and you keep going back for more. It’s the kind of gritty, unapologetic story that grips you long after the book’s done; dark, intense, utterly without mercy. Chuck Wendig spins one hell of a tale.”
– Karina Cooper, author of the Dark Mission series

“Trailer-park tension, horrified hilarity, and sheer terror mixed with deft characterization and razor plotting. I literally could not put it down.”
– Lilith Saintcrow, author of Night Shift and Working for the Devil

Blackbirds is a horror story, a traveling story, a story of loss and what it takes to make things right.  It’s a story about fate and how sometimes, if we wrestle with it hard enough, maybe we can change it.  Blackbirds is the kind of book that doesn’t let go even after you’ve put it down and nobody else could have made it shine like Chuck Wendig.”
– Stephen Blackmoore, author, City of the Lost and Dead Things

“Mean, moody and mysterious, Blackbirds is a noir joyride peppered with black humour, wry observation, and visceral action. Fans of Chuck Wendig will not be disappointed.”
– Adam Christopher, author of Empire State

“In addition to a cast of well developed yet mentally unstable characters that enhance a fantastically horrifying plot, Blackbirds possesses a natural progression that doesn’t rely on convenience or contrived circumstances to move the story forward. Author Wendig’s distinctive, straightforward style is accessible and insistent; and the generous helpings of violence are strangely invigorating. Chuck Wendig has raised the bar of the urban fantasy genre . . .”
– Renee C. Fountain, New York Journal of Books


A story featuring a main protagonist Femme fatale, I can see the future kind of gal.
She knows how you will die, when you will die year, day, hour and minute, but she does not know where it will take place exactly. The location is a mystery for her to solve.
She considers herself in this story as a hideous little no good-nik. She says she does horrible things and has horrible thoughts. Curses, drinks and smokes.
I reckon she still has heart and guts.
Change the course of fate can it be?
This dwindling answer constantly doing a circuit round her brain.
One character Louis she unearths love for, a trucker, whose fate of a bloody end has already been see by her touching him like many others. This guys end she simply can’t let it be and is one she won’t just let pass by as fated.
That ‘can I change the future?’ question even more behind her mind, can I change this mans end a fateful bloody end?
He’s used an unique style of writing in this story that at first seems a bit disorientating but after a chapter of two hooks you in line and sinker and adds to the fast past paced series of occurrences. This is no grand work of literature but a crime story with supernatural strain delivered in a unique style of his own.
There’s plenty of dark humour, thrill and things you would want your kids to read about like foul language and sex. Bad assed characters, slick and original awesomeness!

He has an awesome website that has everything to do with writing and his novels. He gives great advice on writing: @

Podcast: Interview with Chuck Wendig, Storyteller: @

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