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Black & Orange by Benjamin Kane Ethridge

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Forget everything you know about Halloween. The stories are distortions. They were created to keep the Church of Midnight hidden from the world. Every October 31st a gateway opens to a hostile land of sacrificial magic and chaos. Since the beginning of civilization the Church of Midnight has attempted to open the gateway and unite with its other half, the Church of Morning. Each year they’ve come closer, waiting for the ideal sacrifice to open the gateway permanently.

This year that sacrifice has come. And only two can protect it. Martin and Teresa are the nomads, battle-hardened people who lack identity and are forever road-bound on an endless mission to guard the sacrifice. Their only direction is from notes left from a mysterious person called the Messenger. Endowed with a strange telekinetic power, the nomads will use everything at their disposal to make it through the night alive. But matters have become even more complicated this year. Teresa has quickly lost ground battling cancer, while Martin has spiraled into a panic over being left alone. His mind may no longer be on the fight when it matters most… because ever on their heels is the insidious physical representation of a united church: Chaplain Cloth.

“BLACK AND ORANGE begins like a train and just keeps rolling. Benjamin Kane Ethridge has crafted a dark, yet colorful fantasy, with vivid characters and some of the punchiest dialogue I have read in a long time. Trust me; this book belongs on your must-read list.”
This is a multi-story narrative that blends fantasy and horror in the tradition of Clive Barker, while at the same time producing a wild mythos of its own. Despite the contradiction, it’s a Halloween novel that isn’t a Halloween novel.
He has crafted together a very different style of horror novel, which oozes with originality and imagination and he has created an genre of his own here. The pages of this story took my attention as its an intelligent and complex horror novel. The talk of domains and other worlds bring back memories of the Dark Tower world created by Stephen King. All these qualities make it clear why it was awarded the Bram Stoker best first novel award

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