Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk -

Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk



She failed bar exam three times, nothing monumental and great would ever happen to her, or would it?
Penny will be transformed in Cinderella like fashion but she may be metamorphosing into a zombie like state of thirst for lust.
Cinderella may go to the ball and meet a kind of Prince Charming, a woman’s fate may change for the better in this tale.

The genesis possibly of this tale could in some ways come about in this manner:
One writer reads Henry Miller and Anais Nin, becomes transfigured in the subject matter, puts himself through a fight club, on the way back home stumbles across Walter White some of that great blue stuff, watches walking dead for some inspiration, before him a horde of zombies thirsty for meat, his minds eye thinks in vein of a horde of women hungry for something and then watches next InnerSpace, that little guy running around inside doing things, goes back to thee fight club and Walter White one more time, return and writes a tale incorporating all.

This author displays great mastery in keeping you in the scene unfolding. His word usage, his choice of showing and feeling the scene, be them rather extreme things unfolding, he most defiantly will hook you in the narrative and have you gasping and cringing for what the hell will happen next, at the end of each sentence.
In a kind of way this could be seen as a bizarre take on consumerism and that great quest for the ultimate ecstasy, thrill and limitless joy, a tale on the unending boundaries of a corporate future, that may be something that one day be possible and then what.
I can’t fault his writing skill leaving aside for a moment, if possible, the subject matter dealing with the bizarre and extremes of joys of the flesh.

The product Beautiful You is in this tale, an aide in ways, hopefully never to come to a store near you, just in the fiction sense, for now that is, in this book.
A stark tale on arousal addiction gone in overdrive, haywire.
The chaos is in an authors order and conjuring with craft of writing, a capable writer that has no limits, never falling to shock you.

“He pioneered the most extraordinary collection of erotic tools in the history of the world. He knew they worked. In fact, some worked too well. The pleasure they generated might kill an average Jane Doe. This final round of trials was intended to blunt the power of the most dangerous toys. Now the Beautiful You collection could enter the world without fear of lawsuits.”

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 07 November 2014