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Ashes (Ashes #1) by Ilsa J. Bick

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A dog a man’s best friend and in this case a girls, Alex the main protagonist in this story.
A story set in the backdrop of a desolate land forsaken with an ever growing amount of people, particularly young, transforming into Zombies. Alex tries to come to terms with her fate set before her. She has a sense of smell which is far more greater than the average persons capabilities, she can sniff out the Zombies, the dogs she encounters in this story seem to sense that too. She is 15 and an orphan with a brain tumor. Alex teams up across the land with Ellie aged 8, a dog and Tom an explosive ordnance disposal expert and slowly their fates weigh up in the balance of survival. The whole decline of events started with something called ‘the Zap’ since then there has been no planes or iPods working, an E.M.P electromagnetic pulse has killed most electronic devices, power grids and communication arrays. Alex finds herself in the company of a band of men and they are from a small knitted group called The Rule, what will her fate be in this story how will her journey end?
Well this question was the driving force of the story for me that kept me immersed and one that the readers will have to discover for themselves. The story ends with more left to your own imagination of what next to come, so there seems to be a second book in the works.
I enjoyed the story it had enough of a dosage of cannibal Zombies, Love and fear.

“As long as you’re alive their is hope,” Jess said.”Hope is saying that I will live one more day, and that is a blessing, to.”

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