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Forthcoming May 1st 2019 : A Time For Violence: Stories with an Edge by Max Collins, Joe Lansdale, Richard Chizmar, John Russo, Richard Christian Matheson, Bev Vincent, Paul D. Brazill, Billy Chizmar, Stewart O’Nan, Andy Rausch, Chris Roy, and more


Throughout the years countless wordsmiths have produced their own story collections, but the book you are now holding is a love letter to the great anthologies of yesteryear, assembling stories by a variety of talents, packaged neatly and often connected by a singular theme.


Blood Brothers by Richard Chizmar

Gunfight at the Golden Gator by Tyson Blue

Guns, Mirrors by Richard Godwin

Scab by Wrath James White

Mean Business by Mark Slade

Santa at the Cafe by Joe R. Lansdale

The Sweetest Ass in the Ozarks by Andy Rausch

Guest Service: A Quarry Story by Max Allan Collins

Baby’s Got A Gun by Paul D. Brazill

Ladies Day at the Olympia Car Wash by Andrew Nette

The Invisible Man by Bev Vincent

Disrespect by T. Fox Dunham

Wire by C. Courtney Joyner

Lacquer by Isobel Blackthorn

Summer of ’77 by Stewart O’Nan

The Problem With Mice by James H. Longmore

Seasons Don’t Fear the Reaper by Billy Chizmar

Boy’s Club by Tony Knighton

Channel 666 by John A. Russo

James and Sallie by Stephen Spignesi

Epiphany in the Third by David C. Hayes

Manner of Death: Homicide by Peter Leonard

One Hit Wonder by Elka Ray

The Edge by Richard Christian Matheson

To Kill An Arab by Tom Vater

Waste Management by Chris Roy