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Before I Go To Sleep: A Novel by S.J. Watson

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June 15th 2am 2011

I am writing this down, in my journal I must do this otherwise I fear tomorrow I might not remember anything.
Anything about the book I read today or about me or my wife, well she says she is.
I woke up this morning and my eyes were cast upon a striking beautiful woman in an even more striking body wearing nice lingerie that fits like a glove.
I have no idea at that moment who she is, she says she’s my wife but I don’t remember being married! I am trying to piece together my life.
All this is too much to muster I have been told I was in an accident I had fallen over an egg and banged my head.
Strange but I don’t remember this, this is what she my wife tells me.
I need to write this in my oh so important journal otherwise I will run through the same routine again and not recollect her or the egg.
Oh yes that book before I forget this book has inspired me to write more into this journal as the female protagonist is in same situation as me.
Her story is ever so more gripping, its tense I am almost glued to the pages her quest is heart warming and heartbreaking I felt tears of joy and sadness on the completion of her story.
The story is in the first-person narrative and flows in a visceral fashion.
They say it can be cured what we have if we piece together our past and write, I hope so. The story was something fresh and different well worth the read.
When I wake up tomorrow I must remember on reading this journal that I have to share these thoughts and write a review.

(Above a work of fiction and in ways some try at a different kind of review)

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 18 July 2011

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